Thousands of daffodils delivered the first week of spring

volunteers wapping daffodils for delivery

Throughout New England this week, offices, schools, and health facilities were brightened with splashes of yellow as their pre-ordered American Cancer Society daffodils began arriving.

Best of all, cancer patients at hospitals and treatment centers are being surprised with daffodil bouquets thanks to the generous folks who made Gift of Hope donations.

Gifts of Hope and Bear Hugs for Hope donations can still be made! Both help brighten the day for people impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Here's a great feel good story shared on Monday by a former Society staffer Aubrey Keely with Sue Ann Maresca, state vice president of development in Connecticut:

"I was down in Stamford this morning at Building & Land Technology and I saw our Daffodil Days campaign info on their counter at the information desk.  I asked the women working there how long they had been involved and told her I used to work at ACS.  We were chatting all about it, and the significance of the daffodil being the first sign of spring, and how it represents hope, etc. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see an older man with tears in his eyes. He and his brother had purchased daffodils through ACS for their mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago.  He told me how much the flowers meant to her, and how she had commented on them a lot throughout her journey.  He then took out his cell phone to show me a picture of her front lawn. It was COVERED in hundreds of daffodils! When their mother went into remission, he and his brother planted hundreds of daffodils in her lawn to remind her of all she had overcome. It was such a beautiful story... I had to share... especially since it's daffodil delivery day! :) I hope everything went smoothly today!!  I was thinking about you all."

American Cancer Society daffodils will be available this week at some public locations in ConnecticutMassachusetts, and Maine, thanks to volunteers who will be manning "street sales" sites.

In Connecticut, Southern Connecticut University students helped with packing the flowers, plants, and bears. Check out this coverage on the school's Web site. You can see more Daffodil Days coverage on