Researchers Awarded Grants at the 11th Annual Broadway on Beachside

Against the sparkling backdrop of sailboat-dotted Long Island Sound, nearly 200 guests applauded as grants were awarded to three cancer researchers at this year's 11th annual Broadway on Beachside held Sunday, July 9, at the Inn at Longshore in Westport, CT.

This year's recipients are Westport native Victor Grann, MD, MPH, Columbia University, who was fully funded by Spin Odyssey, an indoor biking event; Deborah Brancho, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, who was co-funded by Broadway on Beachside supporters and Spin Odyssey; and Laurie Littlepage, PhD, University of California, who was fully funded by Broadway on Beachside.

These promising scientists join 11 other Society-approved researchers who have been directly supported at Broadway on Beachside by individuals, families, and the Spin Odyssey indoor spinning event held in Fairfield County.

Research will focus on breast cancer

Grann will focus on testing for BRCA mutations with the goal of developing a model that can be generalized for all cancer-related germ line mutations. The goal of Littlepage's research is to understand the role of the gene ZNF312 in breast cancer progression and generate data to determine the feasibility of ZNF312 as a therapeutic target. Brancho's work is aimed at understanding the specific role of fat cells in the development of breast cancer, potentially leading to more effective methods of intervention and prevention.


In the Spotlight

Individuals and/or organizations wishing to be personally involved in choosing their own American Cancer Society-approved researcher can participate in a program entitled, In the Spotlight. “It’s a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one who has succumbed to this dreadful disease,” says Society development director Gayle Alswanger. “The process allows the individual(s) and/or organization to choose a researcher whose focus is on a particular type of cancer.” A gift of $138,000 establishes a research grant named in memory of someone or for the donor.

For more information about Broadway on Beachside, Spin Odyssey, and cancer research funding opportunities, please contact Gayle Alswanger at 203-563-1513 or email You can visit the Broadway on Beachside Web site, as well.

Pictured, from left, are: American Cancer Society New England Division CEO Don Gudaitis, Broadway on Beachside co-chairs and Westport residents, Maggie and Cissy Hornung; the three researchers receiving grants at this event, Deborah Brancho, Ph.D., Laurie Littlepage, Ph.D.; Westport native Victor Grann, M.D., M.P.H.; and guest speaker Carolyn Bruzdzinski, Ph.D., the Scientific Program Director for the American Cancer Society and most recently named Chief Mission Delivery Officer of the California Division.