Inspired Relayers Logging Marathon-Length Mileage

Relay For Life track

A pattern has been developing at college Relay For Life events throughout the New England area - and it's a good one. Survivors and participants have been walking the track in the most incredible way - logging marathon distances while raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

At the 5 College Area Relay For Life in Amherst, MA, held on April 15-16, Dorwenda Bynum-Lewis, a survivor and resident director at the University of Massachusetts, walked 104 laps of the 400 meter track. She creatively decided that by walking 104 laps meant she could ask for monetary donations of the same amount. She plans to walk the Boston Marathon next year, and viewed this year’s Relay event as a practice to see how far she could push herself!

At Keene State College’s Relay For Life on April 8-9, there was one participant who stood out from the pack - Joey Meuse, a sophomore, who was participating in Relay for the first time. Meuse originally came to Relay under his friends’ encouragement, but when he saw Relay in action and saw the deep meaning, he was hooked. Meuse ended up walking for 12 hours straight! This means that Joey walked 544 laps (KSC holds their Relay around an indoor basketball court), equaling a remarkable 29.5 miles, which is more than a full marathon! 

Meuse’s actions left many other Relay participants in awe of his dedication. He inspired them to get active themselves! When asked why he went to such extreme lengths for the cause, Joey said he realized Relay is all about fighting back. “Whether it's fighting to find a cure or fighting to survive, it's all about fighting for your goal. The speakers and the stories that I heard are what really inspired me. They made me realize that walking 12 hours is nothing compared to what they do and that's what motivated me.”

Next year Meuse's friends will not have to convince him to come to Relay For Life, he will be one of the first participants on the track.

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