Fight Back: Do it for the Other 4

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so let the fight against breast cancer commence!

Get involved with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network by urging Congress to fully fund the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) that provides free life-saving screenings and treatment for those who otherwise could not afford it. The problem is, there is only enough funding for 1 in 5 eligible women to access this program. What about the other four? Take action to give more women access to mammograms by visiting

 This year the program is celebrating its 20th birthday! Read the ACS CAN report highlighting the success of the. program.

With your help, we can inform our lawmakers about how important it is for Congress to increase funding for this program so all eligible women are able to participate.

To date, this program has provided more than 9 million screening exams to more than 3 million women and diagnosed more than 40,000 cases of breast cancer since it was launched in 1990. As students, you have a unique opportunity to increase the funding of this program!

Want to get a little more crafty? During your October events, have your members hand out pink postcards where students, faculty, and staff can write their reason to increase funding for NBCCEDP. From there, you can work with your staff partner in making a Pink Card Stop at your local congressional office. Imagine how a few bags full of pink postcards can change the world of breast cancer for the better?

Sign up get active!
Have you signed up for ACS CAN yet? Go to to sign up. The membership fee is just $10. That’s 2 venti lattes or 2 value meals at McDonald’s. For that same amount you can join hundreds of college students nationwide in taking our fight against cancer to the next level by helping pass laws to help defeat cancer. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is the ad­vocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society. You can follow Colleges Against Cancer advocacy stories at