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David Ringer, PhD, MPH

National Vice President, Extramural Research


David Ringer, PhD, MPH, national vice president of extramural research for the American Cancer Society, joined the Society as a scientific program director in 1998 and assumed the role of national vice president of extramural research in 2010. Previously, he managed the development of the Society’s cancer research and training programs, especially in the areas of nutrition, the environment, and endocrine-related effects on cancer biology and carcinogenesis. David directs the Research and Clinical Research Professor Program and the Institutional Research Grant Program . He has also served as facilitator of the department’s Stakeholder Program. David received a PhD in chemistry, specialization in biochemistry, from Wayne State University, and a Master of Public Health, specializing in epidemiology and biostatistics, from the University of Oklahoma. He conducted biochemical and toxicological research in areas of chemical carcinogenesis as a Member of the Oklahoma Research Foundation, and as Head of the Biochemical Pharmacology Section at the S.R. Noble Foundation. During this period, his studies focused on cancer-related changes in carcinogen bioactivation/detoxication, DNA repair, and growth factor function during cancer development. The results the results of these studies have been published as articles in a variety of scientific journals. Dr. Ringer also supervised the training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the areas of cancer research.