Breast Cancer Research News

Nurse Turned Researcher Studies Breast Cancer in Latinas

Breast cancer researcher and breast cancer survivor Maryellen Brisbois says she got her sense of humor from her father. She is thankful for it because laughter, she says, is what helped get her and her family through her battle with breast cancer 7 years ago. Brisbois, a long-time practicing nurse, is now a professor and researcher and has uncovered unique insights into Latinas’ experience with breast cancer.

Seven Breast Cancer Research Success Stories

For American women, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers, with 1 in 8 developing it in their lifetime. However, largely due to research discoveries, breast cancer in women declined in the early 2000s – after increasing for years. In addition, more women who do get breast cancer are now surviving it. These are the stories of 7 American Cancer Society-supported pioneers in breast cancer research who laid the foundation for breast cancer treatments that are saving lives today.