Skin Cancer Research News

Helping Young Women Turn Away From Tanning

Indoor tanning is widespread in the United States – and it is particularly popular among young white women. For young women, the allure of a tan appears to outweigh the negative health consequences, says Leah Ferrucci, Ph.D., a Yale University researcher and expert on the topic.

Sun Safety Isn’t Just Important for the Light Complexioned

People who have pale skin – those who sunburn easily, don’t really get tan, or have red or blond hair – are at increased risk for skin cancer. Researchers and doctors have known this for years. But recent studies now show that certain people who have darker complexions are also at increased risk.

Vitamin D Holds Skin Cancer Drug Potential

Early research funded by the American Cancer Society suggests a form of vitamin D could be key to developing drugs for basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer.