Areas reviewed: This committee reviews applications from institutions for block grants of seed money to support beginning investigators.

William T. Beck, PhD, Chair
University of Illinois
Chicago, IL

James A. Borowiec, PhD
New York University Medical Center
New York, NY

Richard S. Lemons, MD, PhD
Primary Children's Medical Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Ida Moore, RN, DNS, BSN, MA
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Mark O. Olson, PhD
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson, MS

Lucia A. Pirisi-Creek, MD
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

Stanley Thornton, Stakeholder
Pembroke Pine, FL

Gail E. Tomlinson, MD, PhD
University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX

David West, Stakeholder
El Centre, CA