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Cancer Facts & Figures 2008

Caution: It is very important to note the information below. 1) Beginning with Cancer Facts & Figures 2007, estimated new cancer cases were computed using a new, more accurate method developed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. Improvements in the new model include use of data from a much larger percentage of the US population, allowance for geographical variation in cancer incidence, adjustment for delays in reporting, and the inclusion of many socio-demographic, medical facility, lifestyle, and cancer screening behavior variables. Comparisons of estimates produced by the old and new methods were generally similar for all cancers combined but differ substantially for some sites. For more information, see: A New Method of Estimating US Incidence; Projected and Observed Cancer Cases for 2003, New Method; Estimated New Cancer Cases for Selected Cancer Sites by State, US, 2007, Old Method. 2) Beginning with Cancer Facts & Figures 2003, the incidence and mortality data have been age adjusted to the 2000 population standard of the US. This change in method will affect the comparability of the new report's data with that of previous years. The new approach will result in an increase of about 20% in age-adjusted annual incidence rates for all cancers combined and for the most common cancer sites. It will also somewhat affect racial and ethnic differences.

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