Extramural and Intramural Investment by Areas of Research, CY 2013


Areas of Research

Extramural Funded
Amount *($)

Extramural Specific
Amount †($)

Intramural Research
Amount ($)

Total ($)

Biology 59,423,931 39,007,242 645,608 39,652,850
Cause/Etiology 11,018,000 5,932,075 9,684,127 15,616,202
Treatment 27,524,594 15,328,710 - 15,328,710
Prevention (including Nutrition, Physical Activity and Tobacco Control) 10,249,678 6,315,329 4,078,692 10,394,021
Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis 4,813,987 2,525,067 2,251,681 4,776,748
Cancer Control,Survivorship (including quality of life and end of life), and Outcomes Research 38,441,316 23,449,768 4,532,378 27,982,146
Scientific Model Systems 1,460,000 1,090,000 - 1,090,000
Not Categorized 1,821,571 1,821,571 - 1,821,571
Grand Total   95,469,762 21,192,486   116,662,248

*Funded Amount - The total value of  funding that was awarded to a single group of research or training grants with relevance to  a specific area of research and includes funding for some projects that may be minimally related to that type of cancer or area of research.

†Specific Amount - The "specific amount" in a single research project for a specific area of research is the portion of the total project funding for that project which corresponds to the percent relevance number for that area of research in the project.  This number can be found by multiplying the total funding amount by the percent relevance for the area of research in question.

‡ Not Categorized - Two award mechanisms are not classified using these categories: institutional research grants and an international grant.