Cancer Infographics Gallery

In an effort to make information about cancer easier to understand and easier to share, the American Cancer Society is creating a series of infographics to illustrate key facts, statistics, guidelines and more. Come back often to see what’s new in our infographics gallery. We encourage you to share these graphics on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Colon Cancer: Catching It Early Infographic

Colon Cancer: Catching It Early Infographic

This infographic focuses on the benefits of catching colon cancer early, identifying the people at greatest risk for developing colon cancer, and the steps you can take to detect colon cancer early or even prevent it altogether.

Global Cancer Infographic - Thumbnail - Gallery

Rising Global Cancer Epidemic

This infographic focuses on the increasing cancer burden in developing and developed nations. It also highlights the disproportionate funding allocated to address these staggering statistics and steps you can take to advocate for change today.

Infographic - Body Weight - Index Thumb

Body Weight & Cancer Risk

This infographic highlights current research that shows the significant cancer risk of excess body weight, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. It also highlights ways to reduce that risk by following American Cancer Society guidelines for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Inforgraphic - Where Does Your Money Go? - Index Thumb

Where Does Your Money Go?

A year-end glimpse at how your money helps to save lives from cancer and make the greatest impact as we fight for every birthday in every community.

Inforgraphic - Breast Cancer Stats - Index Thumb

Breast Cancer - Mammography Statistics

Every year over 200,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer. See how many women are getting mammogram screenings in the United States, and what impact insurance and education level have on those rates.