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Dexter L. Cooper, MPH
Research Analyst, Behavioral Research Center

BRC- Dexter

Mr. Cooper’s interests and research focus on cancer prevention and education of underserved populations. He has been involved in original research that measured cancer fatalism, cancer knowledge, and acculturation of these populations. He has recently become involved in research that focuses on quality of life of prostate cancer survivors. His responsibilities include program management, data collection, data management, coordinating research activities, and manuscript writing for journal submissions. His particular research interests include finding ways to increase the number of African American men participating in behavioral research studies. He is interested in developing programs to educate them about colorectal and prostate cancers with the goal of increasing their knowledge about the types of cancer screenings and treatments, thus increasing the likelihood of survivorship and improved quality of life. 
Mr. Cooper began his career with the American Cancer Society in April 2006, although prior to this position, his experiences and education were centered on health disparities. He received a bachelor’s degree with a major in biology from Morehouse College in Atlanta, and a Master of Public Health degree from Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, with a concentration in social and behavioral sciences.

Email: Dexter.Cooper@cancer.org


Selected Publications  

Powe, B.D., Cooper. D.L., Kaw, Chiewkwei, & Ceesay, Fatou. (Submitted). Caregiver Strain, QoL, and Symptom Distress among Dyads of African Americans Cancer Survivors and Caregivers. (Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved)
Corral, I., Landrine, H., Hao, Y., Zhao, L., Mellerson, J.L., & Cooper, D.L. (Under-review). Residential segregation, health behavior and obesity among a national sample of African American adults.
Mellerson, J., Landrine, H., Hao, Y., Corral, I., Zhao, L., & Cooper, D. (2010). Residential segregation and exercise among a national sample of Hispanic adults. Health & Place, 16, 613-615. 
Powe, B.D., Faulkenberry, R., Harmond, L., & Cooper, D. (2009). Evaluating the Use of an Audience Response Technology System to Collect Research Data among African American Elders. Ageing International, 34(1-2), 60-66.
Powe, BD., Mercado, F., Cooper D.L., & Harmond, L.A. (2009). Comparing Knowledge of Colorectal and Prostate Cancer among African American and Hispanic Men. Cancer Nursing, 32(5), 412-417.