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Rachel Spillers Cannady, BS
Behavioral Scientist, Behavioral Research Center

BRC- Rachel

Ms. Spillers Cannady’s research interests include cancer survivors’ and family caregivers’ quality of life, health behaviors of cancer survivors and caregivers, fear of cancer recurrence, relationship quality, caregiver guilt, and caregiver bereavement. She manages the Study of Cancer Survivors-I (SCS-I) and the National Quality of Life Survey for Caregivers, both are national, longitudinal studies that assess the quality of life and needs of cancer survivors and their family caregivers throughout the disease trajectory. She is responsible for designing study materials (i.e., questionnaires, letters, telephone scripts, and newsletters), creating and managing the study budget, maintaining an active status with multiple Institutional Review Boards, and supervising interns. Along with monitoring data collection and preparation and conducting data analyses, she is also involved in disseminating research findings by writing manuscripts and making presentations at scientific conferences.

Prior to joining the American Cancer Society, Ms. Spillers Cannady researched the relations among cognitive processes involved in attention control, working-memory capacity, and intelligence as a Research Assistant in the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory at Georgia State University.  She received a Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude) degree in Psychology from Georgia State University.

Email: Rachel.Cannady@cancer.org


Selected Publications

Kim, Y., & Spillers, R.L. (2010). Quality of life of family caregivers at 2 years after a relative’s cancer diagnosis. Psycho-Oncology, 19(4), 431-440.

Kim, Y., Kashy, D.A., Spillers, R.L., & Evans, T.V. (2010). Needs assessment of family caregivers of cancer survivors: Three cohorts comparison. Psycho-Oncology, 19, 573-582.

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Spillers, R.L., Wellisch, D.K., Kim, Y., Matthews, B.A., & Baker, F. (2008). Family caregivers and guilt in the context of cancer care. Psychosomatics, 49(6), 511-519.

Kim, Y., Kashy, D.A., Wellisch, D.K., Spillers, R.L., Kaw, C.K., & Smith, T.G. (2008). Quality of life of couples dealing with cancer: Dyadic and individual adjustment among breast and prostate cancer survivors and their spousal caregivers. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 35, 230-238.