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Analyst Group

The primary responsibility of the analysts in the Epidemiology Research Program is to conduct epidemiologic analyses of cancer risk factors utilizing data from the Cancer Prevention Study cohorts. In collaboration with senior staff, the analysts develop and test scientific hypotheses about the potential causes of different types of cancer. They examine risk factors related to lifestyle (diet, exercise, medication use, etc.), demographics (age, race, education, etc.), genetics, and various other exposures. Statistical software is used to manage study data, compile descriptive statistics such as frequencies, means, and rates of cancer in the study populations, and to generate predictive measures of association between types of cancers and their proposed risk factors. Results from these statistical analyses are interpreted in the broader context of existing knowledge, prepared for publication in peer-reviewed journals, presented to internal and external audiences, and otherwise disseminated to appropriate professional, scientific and lay audiences in collaboration with other ACS staff.
Epi Analysts Group 2
The Analysts are from (L to R): Yusheng Zhai, Brian Carter, Roma Shah, W. Ryan Diver, Christina Newton,
Janet Hildebrand, and Juzhong Sun.