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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Cancellation of Spring 2013 Grants Cycle
The American Cancer Society Extramural Grants program is exploring ways to more cost-effectively conduct its peer review process in order to maximize the dollars that go toward research and training and minimize the administrative costs associated with the program.   
In order to fully focus on this work , the Extramural Grants program will suspend one grant cycle in the spring of 2013 (April 1 application deadline). This one-time action provides a critical opportunity for staff and volunteers to evaluate both existing grants programs and new program initiatives, and changes to the peer review process.
We plan to return to two grant cycles in 2014, and anticipate adjusting eligibility and resubmission guidelines to accommodate those applicants that will be affected by the suspension of the spring 2013 cycle.
Changes to the Extramural Grants peer review format and program are expected to be announced by July 1, 2013 – the start of the next funding cycle. Potential applicants will be able to find more information on changes to the program and new initiatives on closer to that date. 

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