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Alex Liber, MSPH
Data Analyst

Alex Liber Picture

Alex Liber earned his B.S. at The Ohio State University in Biomedical Science and recently graduated from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health with an M.S.P.H. in Health Services and Health Policy Research. He is currently employed as a data analyst in the International Tobacco Control Research (ITCR) Program at the American Cancer Society and one of his tasks in this project is to produce an estimate on the global cost of smoking and tobacco use. He will translate publicly available data on tobacco use prevalence, demographic trends, and information on the development, economies, and utilization of health services into a scalable, flexible model that will predict the direct and indirect costs of tobacco use to society. For four years, Alex has been involved in research on a wide swath of issues in tobacco control wherein he has gained an intimate nuanced understanding of the vital health, business, policy, and economic issues relevant to the modern tobacco control field. This involvement has spanned the last years of his undergraduate education at The Ohio State University and the length of his graduate education at Emory University. His graduate degree has given him the education, the perspective, and the tools necessary to create a comparative econometric model that can estimate the costs of tobacco use in different health systems around the world. While working as an intern for ITCR he gained significant expertise in extracting valuable information on tobacco usage patterns from repurposed surveys and information stored deep in the coffers of national statistical offices. Those skills will be effectively leveraged to create a reliable estimate of the global cost of smoking and tobacco use.  

Email:  alex.liber@cancer.org


Selected Publication: 

  1. John R, Mamudu H, Liber A. Socioeconomic Implications of Tobacco Use in Ghana. Nicotine Tob Res. ePub 2012 Mar.