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Do we know what causes colorectal cancer?

... In many cases, the first mutation occurs in the APC gene. ... Further mutations
may then occur in genes such as KRAS, TP53, and SMAD4. ...


Cancer Glossary

... See also APC gene, familial adenomatous polyposis, polyp. ... gene therapy
Search. a type of treatment ... studied in which defective genes would be ...


What are the risk factors and causes of cancers in young ...

... Changes in these genes can cause cells ... Examples include BRCA gene
mutations, which increase ... other cancers, and APC gene mutations, which ...


Cancer Glossary

... See also APC gene, colon, gastrointestinal tract, polyp, rectum, tumor. ... also
called FISH. A test that can help look at genes inside cells from a biopsy. ...


What are the risk factors for soft tissue sarcomas?

... Gardner syndrome. Gardner syndrome is a disease caused by defects
in the APC gene. People with this syndrome get ...


What are the risk factors for colorectal cancer?

... FAP is caused by changes (mutations) in the APC gene that a ... defect in either
the gene MLH1 or the gene MSH2, but other genes can also ...


Risk factors for colorectal cancer

... FAP is caused by changes (mutations) in the APC gene that a ... defect in either
the gene MLH1 or the gene MSH2, but other genes can also ...


What are the risk factors for stomach cancer? | Amerian ...

... It is caused by mutations in the APC gene. BRCA1 and BRCA2. People who
carry mutations of the inherited breast cancer genes BRCA1 or BRCA2 ...


Cancer Glossary

... al-eel]. any one of the different forms of a gene or group of genes that occupy
a ... APC gene Search. a gene that slows the growth of cells in the body. ...


Family History and Genetics

... Genes control things such as hair color, eye color, and height. ... The gene
for this syndrome is called APC, and a person can be ...