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Alcohol Use and Cancer

... How does alcohol raise cancer risk? The exact way ... include: For more on
the link between alcohol and cancer. American Institute ...


Limit Alcohol to Lower Cancer Risk

... Learn About Cancer » News and Features » Features » Limit Alcohol to Lower
Cancer Risk. Share this Page. ... Limit Alcohol to Lower Cancer Risk. ...


Does drinking alcohol increase the risk of cancer?

... Does drinking alcohol increase the risk of cancer? ... How does alcohol cause
cancer? We don't completely understand how alcohol causes cancer. ...


State of Science Alcohol and Cancer Fact Sheet

... The way alcohol causes cancer is not completely understood. ... Alcohol and
Cancer ©2007, American Cancer Society, Inc. No.300212-Rev.02/14


Alcohol Is A Clear Danger To Women's Health

... this study, the authors point out that there is now a conflict between the reported
health benefits of alcohol, and the increased cancer risk for women ...


Diet and Physical Activity

... Alcohol and Cancer. Most ... risk. Find out more about the link between
alcohol and cancer here. Eat Healthy and Get Active. ...


Heavy Alcohol Use May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

... News » Filed under: Prostate Cancer. Heavy Alcohol Use May Increase Prostate
Cancer Risk. Article date: July 14, 2009. By: Rebecca V. Snowden. ...


June 2013

... World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer
(IARC) reviewed the scientific evidence on alcohol and cancer risk for 27 ...


American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and ...

... breast cancers, especially in people who drink alcohol. ... larger amounts of sugar
alcohols may cause ... Does being overweight increase cancer risk? ...