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Reach To Recovery

... years, the American Cancer Society's Reach to Recovery program has helped
people (female and male) cope with their breast cancer experience. ...


Breast Cancer | Learn About Cancer | American Cancer ...

... Breast Cancer. Thanks to the American Cancer Society ... Learn About Breast
Cancer. Whether you're worried about developing ...


Breast Cancer

... was the stunning statement of actress Angelina Jolie that she had both her
breasts removed because she carried a breast cancer gene (BRCA1). ...


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk | Get Involved

... Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Every three- to ... cancer. How to
Make A Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin. Wear a ...


Breast Cancer in Men | American Cancer Society

... Breast Cancer in Men. If you have breast cancer or ... Learn About Breast
Cancer in Men. Whether you're worried about developing ...


Breast Cancer

... Breast Cancer (109 posts) RSS. The Haunting Memories When Screening
Doesn't Work. ... Breast Cancer Screening: The Search For Truth. ...


American Cancer Society | Information and Resources for ...

... Minority Cancer Awareness image Minority Cancer Awareness. ... Funding Science
to Fight Cancer image Funding Science to Fight Cancer. ...


Breast Cancer Overview

... an option. Surgery to remove the breasts lowers the risk of breast cancer,
but it doesn't completely prevent it. Even when ...


Breast Cancer Facts & Figures, 2013-2014.

... breasts before breast cancer has been discovered. Some women may also
choose to have their breasts reconstructed after the surgery. ...


News By Topic

... Women with breast cancer who undergo breast-conserving surgery
(lumpectomy) may not have realistic expectations of what their breasts will ...