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How is Castleman disease treated?

... oncologist: a doctor who treats cancer and similar diseases with radiation ... the
section “What should you ask your doctor about Castleman disease?”. ...


What is Castleman disease?

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FDA Approves Sylvant (Siltuximab) for Castleman Disease

... Text Size. News » Filed under: Castleman Disease. FDA Approves Sylvant
(Siltuximab) for Castleman Disease. Article date: April 29, 2014. ...


Surgery for Castleman disease

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therapy for Castleman disease. Surgery for Castleman disease. ...


Corticosteroids for Castleman disease

... system diseases and cancers that develop from immune system cells, such
as lymphomas. In some patients with multicentric Castleman disease ( ...


Chemotherapy for Castleman disease

... of the body, making this treatment very useful for multicentric Castleman disease
(CD). ... which is why they work against cancer and diseases like CD ...


Immunotherapy for Castleman disease

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drugs for Castleman disease. Immunotherapy for Castleman disease. ...


Treatment of multicentric Castleman disease

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What's new in research and treatment of Castleman disease?

... not infected with HIV or HHV-8 (see “Immunotherapy for Castleman disease”). ...
immune system, so they are often used in autoimmune diseases or to ...


Radiation therapy for Castleman disease

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disease. Radiation therapy for Castleman disease. ...