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Children and Cancer

... for families in which a child has been diagnosed with cancer. The second part
provides information on helping children understand and deal with ...


When Your Child Has Cancer

... Find Support & Treatment » Children and Cancer » When Your Child Has
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Cancer in Children | Learn About Cancer | American Cancer ...

... Learn About Cancer in Children. Whether your child has just been diagnosed
with cancer, is going through treatment, or is trying to stay well after ...


Children and Adolescents with Cancer Have Unique Needs

... child can hear your voice. Brothers and sisters also need comforting. Talk with
nurses, social workers, and other parents of children with cancer ...


Helping Children When a Family Member Has Cancer landing

... Children of all ages go through grief, sadness, and ... after the loss of a parent
to cancer, even though ... and ongoing resources to help a child who has ...


Children with Cancer Face School-time Challenges

... No matter how well children keep up with schoolwork, readjusting to the ... process,
and they can start as soon as a child is diagnosed with cancer. ...


Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors in Children | American Cancer ...

... If your child has a brain or spinal cord tumor ... brain and spinal cord tumors in
children, including risk ... Select A Cancer Type Any Cancer Type ...


Nutrition for Children with Cancer

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News and Features

... Going back to school can be extra challenging for children with cancer. Good
communication among the child, parents, educators, and health care ...


Children Diagnosed with Cancer: Dealing with Diagnosis

... Find Support & Treatment » Children and Cancer » When Your Child Has
Cancer » Children Diagnosed with Cancer: Dealing with Diagnosis. ...