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I Can Cope Online | American Cancer Society

... I Can Cope Online. I Can Cope® is a free online educational program
for people facing cancer and their families and friends. ...


Coping / Side Effects | ACS Bookstore | American Cancer ...

... Learn About Cancer » ACS Bookstore » Coping / Side Effects. Share this Page.
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Emotional Side Effects of Cancer and Treatment

... Coping with the Loss of a Loved One. ... In this guide, we discuss the grieving
process and offer tips that may help you cope with your loss. ...


Coping as a Caregiver

... Coping as a Caregiver. ... We will also offer some tips on ways to take care of
yourself during this time. Coping Checklist for Caregivers. ...


News By Topic

... includes the latest advances in treatment, current guidance for coping with
side ... with breast cancer about their disease and help them cope with the ...


Coping with Cancer in Everyday Life

... Coping With Cancer in Everyday Life. Download Printable Version [PDF]». ...
Everyone has their own way of coping with cancer. ...


How do I cope?

... Coping skills. People cope with cancer just like they cope with many other
problems in life – each person does it in their own way. ...


Coping with advanced cancer

... with your lives, or if you just want to communicate and cope the best ... also have
checklists that caregivers can use to decide if they need help coping. ...


Coping with your emotions | American Cancer Society

... Coping with your emotions. ... Find out what helped other patients and families
cope with cancer, and/or talk with other people diagnosed with the ...