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... us have probably seen or heard the phrase "health disparities." But what ...
Department of Health and Human Services defines a health disparity as "a ...


What we can do to end health disparities

... health disparities. Organizations such as the American Cancer Society Cancer
Action Network (ACS CAN) are committed to identifying disparity- ...


Health Equity, Health Disparities: What's the Story?

... Health Equity, Health Disparities: What's the Story? ... These days we hear a lot
about health disparities, cancer disparities, health equity, etc. ...


News By Topic

... Presidential Panel Calls for Research into Cancer Disparities. ... Although there
are many signs the disparity gap is narrowing, cancer continues to ...


Health Disparities: A Complex Problem

... The American Cancer Society. Health Disparities: A Complex Problem. ... So
what causes health disparities? The answer is not a simple one. ...


On the difference between 'disparities' and 'differences'

... women is a good example of how not focusing on differences that aren't seen
as disparities can be ... This sure looks like a disparity, but in fact, it is not ...


Cancer Disparities | American Cancer Society

... Call: 1-800-888-4741. Cancer Disparities. Causes and Evidence-Based
Solutions. Edited by Ronit Elk, Edited by Hope Landrine. ...


Finally, Some Good News On Disparities And Cancer

... to looking at death rates in screened cancers, the disparities have increased ...
are less likely than whites to get screened, and that disparity shows up ...


Special Section: Cancer Disparities and Premature Deaths

... the importance of poverty in cancer disparities across all segments of the
population. In addi tion, much of the disparity between African Americans ...


Cancer Disparities: Key Statistics

... Cancer Disparities: Key Statistics. ... More clues about what's going on with cancer
disparity show up each year in Facts & Figures, an annual ...