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Cancer Facts and Statistics | American Cancer Society

... ACS has published Cancer Facts & Figures annually since 1952. These annual
reports provide the most current information about cancer ...


Information for Health Care Professionals

... Fact Sheets for Professionals. ... These PDFs provide easy reading information
about dealing with side effects of cancer treatment. ...


Heatlh Information Technology

... This meeting is a whirlwind of activity and information, far too much for any
one ... It is the fact that the costs of many of the new treatments being ...


Global Health

... Key factors in these rising rates are the lack of access to information, prevention,
early detection, and treatment in developing countries, as well as ...


More Information about Breast Cancer | American Cancer ...

... Breast Cancer Facts & Figures. ... Here you can find information to help you better
understand your options if you are considering breast reconstruction ...


General Cancer Information Books

... General Cancer Information. ... Cancer: What Causes It, What Doesn't gives you
the facts you need to judge which cancer "risks" you should be ...


Global Cancer Facts & Figures - 2nd Edition

... lymph nodes to obtain accurate information on stage of ... Global Cancer Facts
& Figures 2nd Edition 13 ... In fact, rates among males in the Czech ...


Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2013-2014

... For more information on cervical cancer screen- ing ... In fact, during 2000 to 2009,
rates decreased ... 12 Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans ...


American Cancer Society | Information and Resources for ...

Dedicated to helping persons who face cancer. Supports research, patient
services, early detection, treatment and education. Contact us anytime day ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2014

... of the special section of Cancer Facts & Figures 2014 is childhood and
adolescent cancer. In this section you'll find current information on cancer in ...