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How genes can help in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer ...

... Drugs targeting genes or gene mutations. ... by the abnormal gene (and not the
gene itself ... For example, HER2/neu is a proto-oncogene in normal cells ...


How is breast cancer diagnosed?

... at the activity of 70 different genes to determine if the ... Research on patterns
of gene expression has also ... than tests of hormone receptors and HER2: ...


Cancer Glossary

... HER2 gene Search [sometimes called HER2/neu]. see human epidermal ...
Research on these genes is still in early stages ... See also gene, prostate. ...


Tumor markers found on the cancer itself

... These gene changes are more common in lung cancer patients who are women,
non-smokers, or Asian. HER2 (or HER2/neu, erbB-2, or EGFR2). ...


Genes and Cancer

... Drugs targeting genes or gene mutations ... by the abnormal gene (and not the
gene itself ... For example, HER2/neu is a proto-oncogene in normal cells ...


How is breast cancer in men diagnosed?

... probes to count the number of HER2 genes in breast ... of a number of specific
genes at the ... time (sometimes referred to as gene expression profiling ...


FDA Approves New Test to Identify Herceptin Candidates

... The FISH test counts copies of the HER2 gene, and immunohistoch
emistry identifies the amount of HER2 receptor protein. ...


Targeted therapy for cancer of the esophagus

... can help cancer cells to grow. Having too much of this protein is caused
by having too many copies of the HER2 gene. ...


Targeted therapy for breast cancer

... As researchers have learned more about the gene changes in cells that cause
cancer, they have been able ... Drugs that target the HER2/neu protein. ...


Cancer Glossary

... It can be used to count the number of HER2 genes in cancer cells. See also
deoxyribonucleic acid, gene, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 ...