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Hormone (androgen deprivation) therapy for prostate cancer

... androgen treatment may be combined with orchiectomy or LHRH analogs
as first ... in this setting than using orchiectomy or an LHRH analog alone. ...


Hormone therapy for prostate cancer

... LHRH analogs (luteinizing hormone-releasing analogs): These drugs
lower testosterone levels just as well as orchiectomy. ...


Cancer Glossary

... releasing hormone analogs. LHRH analogs Search. see luteinizing
hormone-releasing hormone analogs. LHRH antagonists ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer in men

... tamoxifen. Clinical trials are looking at using aromatase inhibitors along
with LHRH analogs (these are discussed later on). The ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer

... These drugs, called LHRH analogs, can be used to treat advanced
hormone receptor-positive breast cancers on their own. ...


Prostate Cancer Overview

... LHRH analogs (luteinizing hormone-releasing analogs): These drugs
lower testosterone levels just as well as orchiectomy. ...


Prostate Cancer

... anti-androgens for a few weeks when starting treatment with LHRH analogs. ...
may be added to treatment if orchiectomy, an LHRH analog, or LHRH ...


Prostate cancer that remains or recurs after treatment

... Usually the first treatment is a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone
(LHRH) analog or antagonist (or orchiectomy). If ...


What happens after treatment for breast cancer in men?

... If you are taking an aromatase inhibitor or a luteinizing hormone-releasing
hormone (LHRH) analog, you may be at increased risk for osteoporosis ...


Bone-directed therapy for breast cancer in men

... Bisphosphonates may also help against bone thinning (osteoporosis) from
treatment with aromatase inhibitors and LHRH analogs (see “Hormone ...