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The obesity-cancer connection, and what we can do about it

... The American Cancer Society. The obesity-cancer connection, and what we
can do about it. February 28, 2013 ... Link between obesity and cancer. ...


A Weighty Question: Surgery For Obesity?

... A Weighty Question: Surgery For Obesity? ... But as obesity has marched
on, so have the numbers of these surgeries increased. ...


Body Weight and Cancer Risk

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Nutrition, Health & Obesity Research Updates | American ...

... is dedicating millions of dollars in research grants related to learning more
about Nutrition and Physical Activity (NuPA) and Obesity and their ...


World Cancer Day: A Focus On Childhood Obesity

... World Cancer Day: A Focus On Childhood Obesity. by ... The net result is
an increase in obesity, especially among children. And ...


Does body weight affect cancer risk?

An estimated 1 out of every 3 cancers in the United States is linked to
excess body weight, poor nutrition, or physical inactivity.


The Impact of Obesity on Cancer Survivorship

... Page 2. Measuring obesity in studies • Body mass index (kg per m2) ... Page
12. Cancers where obesity influences risk and may impact prognosis ...


Diet and Physical Activity: What's the Cancer Connection?

How much do daily habits like diet and exercise affect our risk
for cancer? Much more than you might think.


MediaRoom - Press Releases

... Press Releases. Press Releases. Mortality Risk of Overweight and Obesity
Similar for Blacks, Whites. Study is largest to date to investigate issue. ...


Plenary Session: Obesity & Cancer Survivorship

Page 1. Plenary Session: Obesity & Cancer Survivorship Page 2. Obesity &
Survivorship • 47-65% of US survivors are overweight or obese ...