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Palliative or Supportive Care | American Cancer Society

... This guide offers general information about caring for a person with cancer
at home. ... Palliative Care Resources from ACS CAN. ...


Choices for palliative care

... Sometimes, the family can't go on caring for the patient at ... Hospice care. Hospice
is a program designed to give palliative or supportive care near the ...


Palliative Care Research | American Cancer Society

... Explore Research » Treatment and Survivorship Research » Palliative Care
Research. Share this Page. Close. ... Text Size. Palliative Care Research. ...


Palliative care for cancer of unknown primary

... Treatment of specific instances of a cancer of unknown primary. Next Topic.
More treatment information. Palliative care for cancer of unknown primary ...


Palliative care for non-Hodgkin lymphoma

... Palliative care for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Palliative care (also called
supportive care) is treatment aimed at relieving symptoms. ...


Why Everyone Deserves Palliative Care

... people caring for you have your best interest in mind. So, the next time you
hear of someone with cancer who is suffering, mention palliative care to ...


Palliative Care Is About Quality Of Life Throughout The ...

... The American Cancer Society. Palliative Care Is About Quality Of Life
Throughout The Cancer Journey. by Dr. Len August 09, 2013 ...


Easing the Burden of Cancer Through Palliative Care

... knowledge base, so clinicians caring for people ... necessary to provide the best
quality care. ... a larger and better palliative care research workforce so ...


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... Emotional Side Effects of Cancer Treatment. Caring for the Patient With Cancer
at Home. Other sources of palliative care information. ...


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... Tags. Content tagged with "Palliative Care". American Cancer Society Honors
Outstanding Innovative Achievements in Palliative Care. Print Email. ...