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Breast cancer risk factors you cannot change

... testing: Genetic testing can be done to look for mutations in the BRCA1 and
BRCA2 genes (or less commonly in other genes such as PTEN or TP53 ...


Breast Cancer: Early Detection

... families. • TP53: The TP53 gene gives instructions for making a protein
called p53 that helps stop the growth of abnormal cells. ...


Cancer Glossary

... against cancer. This protein is made by the TP53 tumor suppressor
gene. See also TP53, tumor suppressor genes. Paget ...


Do we know what causes liver cancer?

... For example, studies have shown that aflatoxins can damage the TP53 tumor
suppressor gene, which normally works to prevent cells from growing ...


What's new in laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer research ...

... The TP53 tumor suppressor gene is often altered in these cancers. Changes
in this gene play a role in many head and neck cancers. ...


Do we know what causes basal and squamous cell skin ...

... tumor suppressor genes. The gene most often found to be altered
in squamous cell cancers is called TP53. This tumor ...


Cancer Glossary

... TP53 Search. an important tumor suppressor gene that is often altered
(mutated) and not working properly in cancer cells. ...


Cáncer de seno: detección temprana

... TP53: el gen TP53 provee instrucciones para producir una proteína llamada
p53 que ayuda a detener el crecimiento de las células anormales. ...


What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

... families. TP53: The TP53 gene gives instructions for making a protein
called p53 that helps stop the growth of abnormal cells. ...


Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor Genes, and Cancer

... Page 4. Many different tumor suppressor genes have been found,
including TP53 (p53), BRCA1, BRCA2, APC, and RB1. ...