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Stay Away from Tobacco | American Cancer Society

... Stay Away from Tobacco. Quitting tobacco is not easy, but it can be done. ...
Woman discusses xray with male doctor. Tobacco and Cancer. ...



... What really works to help you quit and avoid tobacco? November 17, 2013 ...
The FDA and Tobacco Regulation Three Years Later. October 29, 2012 ...


Tobacco and Cancer

... Tobacco and Cancer. ... Learn more about secondhand smoke, why it is a problem,
and what can be done about it. Smokeless Tobacco. ...



... Weight And Inactivity Are Threatening To Overtake Tobacco As Risk Factors
For Cancer According To Annual Report To The Nation. ...


The Tobacco Companies: Remember Rope-a-Dope?

... The Tobacco Companies: Remember Rope-a-Dope? ... But for the
beneficiaries of these tobacco company efforts, is it worth it? ...


Georgia And The Tobacco Tax: Time To Get It Done

... The American Cancer Society. Georgia And The Tobacco Tax: Time To Get
It Done. by Dr. Len March 08, 2010 ... Enter the tobacco tax discussion. ...


The FDA and Tobacco Regulation Three Years Later

... The American Cancer Society. The FDA and Tobacco Regulation Three Years
Later. October 29, 2012 ... Brief History of the Tobacco Control Act. ...


News By Topic

... Smoking/Tobacco. E-Cigarette ... cigarettes. READ MORE ». FDA and CDC
Launch Anti-Tobacco Advertising Campaigns. The ...


Global Tobacco Control

... About Us » Global Health » Global Tobacco Control. Share this Page. Close.
Push escape to close share window. ... Global Tobacco Control. ...


International Tobacco Control Research

... Explore Research » Research Programs and Funding » International Tobacco
Control Research. ... International Tobacco Control Research. ...