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Adults Need Vaccines, Too

... The following vaccinations are generally recommended by the ... Tdap vaccination
may need to be postponed ... on their age, immunization history, and ...



... Syncope after vaccination is not a new problem with vaccinations. ... for this
vaccine compared to the rate seen for all other vaccines combined. ...


HPV Vaccines

... What is HPV? Can a vaccine help prevent HPV? Are the HPV vaccines safe?
Who should be vaccinated against HPV and when? ...


Vaccine treatment for prostate cancer

... Unlike traditional vaccines, which boost the body's immune system to prevent
infectious diseases, this vaccine boosts the immune system to get it to ...


The HPV vaccine: 3 shots of prevention

... Some groups also recommend vaccination of women ... types of HPV in the
vaccines. ... Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended ...


Cancer vaccines

... Cancer vaccines cause the immune system to attack cells with one or more ...
has special cells for memory, it's hoped that the vaccine might continue ...


The HPV vaccine could do even more

... re-energized efforts to promote vaccination and reach ... explores underuse of
HPV vaccines, identifies key barriers to increasing vaccine uptake, and ...


Who should be vaccinated against HPV and when? ...

... the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP ... It also recommended
vaccination of males ages ... Vaccinations may also be given to boys ...


Are the HPV vaccines safe?

... of all ages is recommended after any vaccination. Both HPV vaccines are still
being monitored for ... of side effects after vaccinations.) The American ...


What are the benefits of the HPV vaccines?

... Next Topic. How much do the HPV vaccines cost? Are they covered by health
insurance plans? What are the benefits of the HPV vaccines? ...