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Ablation and other local therapy for kidney cancer | American ...

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for kidney cancer. Ablation and other local therapy for kidney cancer. ...


Tumor ablation for liver cancer

... Side effects of ablation therapy. Possible side effects after ablation
therapy include abdominal pain, infection in the liver ...


Embolization therapy for liver cancer

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for liver cancer. Embolization therapy for liver cancer. ...


Local treatments for bone metastases

... about radiation therapy, see our document called Understanding Radiation
Therapy: A Guide for Patients and Families. Ablation techniques. ...


Cancer Glossary

... ab-lay-shun]. also called ablative therapy (ab-lay ... stop making their hormones
would be called ablation. ... therapy Search. an unproven therapy that is ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer

... the section “Bone-directed therapy for breast ... Ovarian ablation: In pre-
menopausal women, removing ... allow some other hormone therapies to work ...


Radiation therapy for liver cancer

... This type of radiation therapy focuses radiation delivered from outside the
body ... as often as other local treatments such as ablation or embolization. ...


Ablative methods for pancreatic cancer

... Radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. ... Other types of surgery, called ablative
techniques, may be ... Ablation is treatment that removes or destroys all ...


Tumor ablation for liver cancer

... Previous Topic. Surgery for liver cancer. Next Topic. Embolization therapy
for liver cancer. Tumor ablation for liver cancer. ...


Palliative therapy for bile duct cancer

... quickly, doctors try to use palliative therapies that are ... of the probe is then heated
(in radiofrequency ablation) or frozen ... Photodynamic therapy (PDT ...