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[ad-no-muh or ad-uh-NO-muh] a benign (not cancer) growth starting in glandular tissue. See also adenomatous polyp, glands.

What are pituitary tumors?

... Pituitary adenomas are also classified by whether they produce a hormone
and, if they do, which type they make. If a pituitary adenoma makes ...


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... Most of the time, all adenomas need to be completely removed. Sometimes,
though, the adenoma may be too large to remove during colonoscopy. ...


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... to cancer, my report says elsewhere in the colon there are also other adenomas
or polyps such as adenomatous polyp (adenoma), sessile serrated ...


How are pituitary tumors diagnosed?

... Functional adenomas may cause problems because of the hormones they
release. Typically, a functional adenoma makes too much of a single ...


Cancer Glossary

... These finger-like structures generally make up at least half of the adenoma.
Villous adenomas are usually broad-based lesions, and often cause ...


What is adrenal cancer?

... Treatment: Adenomas can be cured by removing the adrenal gland
that contains the adenoma. Some adrenal adenomas ...


American Cancer Society recommendations for colorectal ...

... People with 3 to 10 adenomas, or a large (1 cm +) adenoma, or any
adenomas with high-grade dysplasia or villous features. ...


Pituitary Tumors

... Surgery is often the first treatment for many types of pituitary adenomas. If you
had a functional pituitary adenoma, hormone measurements can ...


Cancer Glossary

... villous, and tuberovillous adenomas. In each type, the cells are arranged
differently, but there is some overlap so that an adenoma can have both ...