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adjuvant therapy

[ad-juh-vunt] treatment used in addition to the main treatment. It usually refers to hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other treatments added after surgery to increase the chances of curing the disease or keeping it in check.

How is breast cancer treated?

... systemic therapies. Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy. Patients who have
no detectable cancer after surgery are often given additional treatment to ...


Tamoxifen and Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer

... It was the first real alternative to estrogen therapy. ... complicated era in the
adjuvant treatment of women ... There may be other therapies that appear to ...


Chemotherapy for breast cancer

... If you'd like more information on a drug used in your treatment or a ... After surgery
(adjuvant chemotherapy): When therapy is given to ...


Treatment of invasive breast cancer, by stage

... the possible benefits and limits of adjuvant therapy. ... this may consist of hormone
therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, or some ...


Treatment options for uterine sarcoma, by stage

... Complementary and alternative therapies for uterine sarcomas. ... chemotherapy
(chemo), or hormone therapy. ... surgery are called adjuvant treatments ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer

... use an AI at some point during adjuvant therapy. ... in the section “Bone-directed
therapy for breast ... may allow some other hormone therapies to work ...


Treatment choices by stage for kidney cancer | American ...

... therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy ... looking at adjuvant
treatment for kidney ... more about adjuvant therapies being studied ...


How is breast cancer in men treated?

... are systemic therapies. Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy. Patients who have
no detectable cancer after surgery are often given treatment to help ...


Treatment of breast cancer in men, by stage

... Adjuvant hormone therapy is given for at least 5 years to ... All of the systemic
therapies given for breast cancer — hormone therapy, chemo, and ...


Treatment of bile duct cancer, by situation

... Previous Topic. Complementary and alternative therapies for bile duct cancer.
Next Topic. ... Adjuvant radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy ...