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[an-jee-o-sar-KO-muh]a type of cancer that starts from cells that line blood vessels or lymph vessels.

Is your car killing you with benzene?

... My husband died in December of angiosarcoma. ... To Beth Herr… I'm so sorry
to hear of your husband's passing from angiosarcoma. ...


Types of breast cancers | American Cancer Society

... See our document Sarcoma - Adult Soft Tissue Cancer. Angiosarcoma. This
form of cancer starts in cells that line blood vessels or lymph vessels. ...


Cáncer de hígado

... Angiosarcoma y hemangiosarcoma El angiosarcoma y el
hemangiosarcoma son tipos de cáncer poco comunes que se ...


Cancer Survivors: Words of Inspiration

... have been given—my family! I kicked angiosarcoma's butt! -Ashley Jobe,
Elon, North Carolina. As a nonsmoker and otherwise ...


Cancer Glossary

... angiosarcoma Search [an-jee-o-sar-KO-muh]. a type of cancer that starts
from cells that line blood vessels or lymph vessels. ...


Stories & Comments

... In March 2010, Bobbie Payne was diagnosed with angiosarcoma,
a rare and aggressive cancer that forms in the blood. ...


Radiation therapy for breast cancer

... today. A very rare complication of radiation to the breast is the
development of another cancer called angiosarcoma. (See ...


Cáncer de seno (mama)

... Angiosarcoma: ésta forma de cáncer se origina en las células que
cubren los vasos sanguíneos o los vasos linfáticos. ...


What is liver cancer?

... Cancer. Angiosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma. These are rare cancers
that begin in cells lining the blood vessels of the liver. ...


What are the risk factors for liver cancer?

... Thorotrast). Exposure to these chemicals raises the risk of angiosarcoma
of the liver (see the section, “What is liver cancer?”). ...