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anti-angiogenesis agent

[an-tee-an-jee-o-JEN-uh-sis or an-tie-an-jee-o-JEN-uh-sis] a drug that stops a tumor from forming blood vessels, limiting its blood supply. See also angiogenesis.

Cancer Glossary

... Search [an-es-thee-zee-AHL-uh-jist]. a doctor who specializes in giving
medicines or other agents that prevent or ... See also anti-angiogenesis agent. ...


The History of Cancer

... This agent served as the model for a ... These agents are given to patients to
imitate ... Anti-angiogenesis agents are types of targeted therapy that use ...


Evolution of cancer treatments: Targeted therapy | American ...

... Anti-angiogenesis agents are types of targeted therapy that use drugs or other
substances to stop tumors from making the new blood vessels they ...


FDA Advisors Vote Unanimously That Avastin Approval ...

... modest efficacy, at least when used as single agents in treating ... When
administering both anti-tumor and anti-angiogenesis drugs, the endothelial ...


Sometimes Science Is Not Convenient: Avastin® In The (Very) ...

... Perhaps at the 14th International Anti-angiogenesis symposium on February
1-4 ... International Symposium on Anti-Angiogenic Agents By Francesco ...


Shark Cartilage

... now being studied more carefully for their role in anti-angiogenesis. ... and
characterization of proposed chondroprotective agents: glucosamine HCl ...


Does Red Wine Really Reduce Risk Of Lung Cancer?

... into the lung cancer chemopreventive agents that occur in ... In the presence
of an anti-angiogenesis drug, you can ... For an antiangiogenesis effect, it ...


Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2009-2010

... as well as act as a tumor supressor.45 Based on the results of studies in
humans and experimental animals, the International Agency for Research ...


Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2005-2006

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Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2007-2008

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