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[an-tee-ES-tro-jen or an-tie-ES-tro-jen] a substance (for example, the drug fulvestrant) that blocks the effects of estrogen on tumors. Drugs such as tamoxifen interfere with estrogen’s effects by competing for it so that it can’t get to the cancer cells. These types of drugs are used to treat breast cancers that depend on estrogen for growth. See also estrogen, hormone therapy, selective estrogen receptor modulator.

Tamoxifen and raloxifene

... For this reason, tamoxifen is sometimes called an anti-estrogen. ... Like
tamoxifen, it also acts as an anti-estrogen in breast tissue. ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer

... While tamoxifen acts like an anti-estrogen in breast cells, it acts like an
estrogen in other tissues, like the uterus and the bones. ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer in men

... The anti-estrogen drug, tamoxifen, is the best studied hormone drug
for breast cancer in men and is most often used first. ...


Hormone therapy for ovarian cancer

... ovarian cancer. Tamoxifen acts as an anti-estrogen in many tissues in
the body, but as a weak estrogen in others. The goal ...


What are the risks in taking these drugs?

... drugs? Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is a complex drug. It acts like an
anti-estrogen in some tissues, but acts like estrogen in others. ...


MediaRoom - Press Releases

... how to reverse the resistance to drugs targeting estrogen resistant cancers
and use combination therapies to prevent anti-estrogen resistance or ...


Medicines to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

... For this reason, tamoxifen is sometimes called an anti-estrogen. ... Like
tamoxifen, it also acts as an anti-estrogen in breast tissue. ...



... 抗雌激素( antiestrogen):阻斷雌激素對腫瘤作用的藥物(如tamoxifen)。抗雌激素
用來治療依靠雌激素生長的乳癌。另請參見「荷爾蒙治療」、「選擇性雌 ...


Understanding Hormone Therapy

... Anti-estrogen drugs, such as tamoxifen, temporarily block these receptors,
and as a result, the cancer may not grow or spread. ...


Male Breast Cancer Survivor Is Former Caregiver

... Baldwin, a school superintendent in Golden City, is now taking the anti-estrogen
drug tamoxifen for 5 years to reduce the risk of his cancer coming ...