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basic science

also called pure science; a type of research that provides the knowledge and background required for later research into human health problems (known as applied science). In cancer research, basic science is often done in the lab in fields like biochemistry, cell biology, or genetics. It is not aimed directly at treating a specific cancer, but it may be used later as part of the basis for a treatment.

Funding the Best Science Helps Us All

... Genetic Discoveries Widely Applicable. Examples of good basic science
with initially unforeseen spinoffs go even further. ...



... High School in 2005, going on to earn his bachelor's degree in biological
sciences from The ... LOyOLA UNIVERSIty ChICAGO Basic Science Grants ...


Cancer Glossary

... basic science Search. also called pure science; a type of research that provides
the knowledge and background required for later research into ...


Sometimes Science Is Not Convenient: Avastin® In The (Very) ...

... Sometimes science is not as convenient as we would like it to be. ... And, when
the three "basic" chemotherapy groups were evaluated, the addition of ...


State of Science Fact Sheet - Ovarian Cancer

Page 1. Ovarian Cancer Basic description Ovarian cancer often does not
have obvious signs and symptoms until its later stages. ...


State of Science Colorectal Cancer Fact Sheet

Page 1. Colorectal Cancer Basic description Colorectal cancer is the
third most common cancer in both men and women ...


State of Science Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

Page 1. Breast Cancer Basic description Breast cancer develops from
cells in the breast. The most common sign of breast ...


State of Science Fact Sheet - Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer Basic description Endometrial cancer is the most common
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State of Science Alcohol and Cancer Fact Sheet

Alcohol and Cancer Basic description Research shows that alcohol
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