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[bil-ee-air-ee] having to do with bile or the bile ducts. See also bile, bile ducts, gallbladder.

References: Bile duct cancer

... Bartlett DL, Ramanathan RK, Ben-Josef E. Cancer of the biliary tree. ... Sorafenib
in patients with advanced biliary tract carcinoma: a phase II trial. ...


Palliative therapy for gallbladder cancer

... of life, when possible. Biliary stent or biliary catheter. If cancer is ... Biliary
bypass. In people who are healthy enough, another ...


Palliative therapy for bile duct cancer

... Biliary stent or biliary catheter. ... Biliary bypass. Another option to allow bile to
reach the small intestine is to use a surgery called biliary bypass. ...


References: Gallbladder cancer detailed guide

... Bartlett DL, Ramanathan RK, Ben-Josef E. Cancer of the biliary tree. ... Key
C, Meisner ALW. Cancer of the Liver and Biliary Tract. ...


Cancer Glossary

... digest fats. See also bile ducts, biliary, gallbladder. bile ... intestine. See
also bile, gallbladder, biliary, pancreas. biliary Search ...


Bile Duct Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma)

... Bile duct cells and tiny fragments of bile duct tissue can also be sampled
by biliary brushing. ... Biliary stent or biliary catheter ...


Treatment of bile duct cancer, by situation

... At this point it would not usually be helpful to remove only part of the cancer,
but the surgeon may do a biliary bypass at this time to relieve any bile ...


4 Cancer Facts & Figures 2014 Estimated Number* of New ...

... Liver & intrahepatic bile duct 33,190 24,600 8,590 23,000 15,870 7,130
Gallbladder & other biliary 10,650 4,960 5,690 3,630 1,610 2,020 ...


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