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biopsy gun

[by-op-see] an instrument used to take core biopsy samples, often used for prostate biopsies. See also biopsy, core needle biopsy.

Cancer Glossary

... biopsy. biopsy gun Search [by-op-see]. an instrument used to take core
biopsy samples, often used for prostate biopsies. ...


The Prostate Cancer Quandary

... the history of medicine is filled with examples of physicians "jumping the gun"
and using ... At age 67, I had a biopsy, when my PSA exceed 4.0, based ...


Cancer Glossary

... A doctor called a pathologist then looks at these samples under a
microscope. See also biopsy, biopsy gun, pathologist. ...


MRI In The Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

... with MRI has progressed, and as the techniques became more refined and
additional tools such as MRI-guided breast biopsy have become ...


STAR Trial: Side Effects in The Uterus Are Key

... Of the 84 women on tamoxifen with hyperplasia, 72 were normal on biopsy
and 12 had atypia. ... The path report for the biopsy was ok. ...


New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines

... possible cancer. If it was a small steady increase, then you could wait
before moving on to ultrasound and biopsy. In the ...


The MRI Dilemma: Is It A Better Screening Tool?

... problem is that MRIs of the breast should be done by radiologists who do a
lot of these studies, and have the equipment to do a biopsy guided by ...


The Real Measure of Progress in Breast Cancer

... The only way a woman or her doctor found breast cancer was by physical
examination, or by the unusual event where a breast biopsy or procedure ...


Finding Breast Cancer Early: Age 40, Every Year

... procedure, which includes such things as having to get additional studies to
clarify a suspicious finding on a mammogram, or getting a biopsy of a ...


Elizabeth Edwards: What We Know And What We Don't

... They have already taken a biopsy, and they are going to do additional tests
on that biopsy to get a sense of the characteristics of the recurrent ...