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bone scan

an imaging test that looks for abnormal areas in the bones, which might be caused by cancer. For this test, a small amount of radioactive contrast material (radioisotope) is given by vein. This material settles in abnormal areas of the bones. The radioactive substance can then be seen in pictures as it collects in the problem areas (“hot spots”). See also imaging tests, radioisotope.

Nuclear scans

... Bone scans look for cancers that may have spread ... metastasized) from other
places to the bones. ... at cancers are the ProstaScint ® scan for prostate ...


How is bone cancer diagnosed?

... will need to lie still on the table while the scan is being ... Radionuclide bone
scans. This procedure helps show if a cancer has spread to other bones. ...


How are bone metastases diagnosed?

... and so isn't needed if the scan is just to look at the bones. ... If a suspected area
of bone metastasis is deep in the body, a CT scan is sometimes ...


How are Ewing tumors diagnosed?

... than regular x-rays, but not as long as MRI scans. ... A bone scan can help show
if a cancer has metastasized (spread) to bones in other parts ...


How is non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed?

... But a bone scan may also pick up non-cancerous ... unless a person is having
bone pain or ... that suggest the lymphoma may have reached the bones. ...


How is Hodgkin disease staged?

... a person lies on the CT scanning table while ... the Hodgkin disease might have
reached the bones. ... substance (technetium) is used for a bone scan. ...


How is osteosarcoma diagnosed? | American Cancer Society

... CT scans take longer than regular x-rays, and you might feel a bit ... A bone scan
can help show if a cancer has spread to other bones, and is ...


How is neuroblastoma diagnosed?

... Several hours or days later, the body is scanned with a special ... A bone scan
can help show if a cancer has spread to the bones, and can ...


How is osteosarcoma found? | American Cancer Society

... of the cancer to the lungs, other bones, or other ... machines can do a PET and
CT scan at the ... is an osteosarcoma or another type of bone cancer. ...


Staging for Hodgkin disease

... which may be picked up on a bone scan. ... the Hodgkin disease may have
reached the bones. A radioactive substance is also used for bone scans. ...