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breast implant

a sac used to increase breast size or restore the shape of a breast after mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast). The sac is filled with silicone gel (a synthetic material) or sterile saltwater (saline). See also mastectomy, prosthesis.

Breast Implants And Lymphoma: How Real Is the Risk And ...

... to answer the question raised about the breast implants. ... of mine had heart
valve implanted a couple ... if you are planning on getting a breast implant. ...


Types of breast reconstruction

... be more difficult if you have a breast implant there — you ... tissue was taken
and one on the reconstructed breast. ... in the size and shape of the breasts. ...


Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

... If the cancer does come back, reconstructed breasts should not ... If you are
thinking about breast reconstruction, either with an implant or flap ...


Disproven or controversial breast cancer cancer risk factors

... Implants make it harder to see breast tissue ... additional x-ray pictures called
implant displacement views ... be used to examine the breast tissue more ...


Can breast reconstruction hide cancer, or cause it to come ...

... technologists trained in moving the implant to get ... done with tissue flap breast
reconstructions although ... But reconstructed breasts can look fatty, and ...


After breast reconstruction surgery

... with other women who have had breast reconstruction might be ... that regular
MRIs of the implant be done to ... This is not required with saline implants. ...


Before surgery

... The most common problem with breast implants is capsular ... tightens and starts
to squeeze the soft implant. It can make the breast feel very hard. ...


Mammograms in special circumstances

... The x-rays used for imaging the breasts cannot go through ... This means that
the part of the breast tissue covered up by the implant will not ...


Mammograms in special circumstances

... The x-rays used for imaging the breasts cannot go through ... This means that
the part of the breast tissue covered up by the implant will not ...



... for women who have had breast cancer surgery ... for possible rupture or leak
from the implant. Tissue expander: implanted balloons under the skin ...