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Cancer Glossary

... One gray equals 100 rads, and a centigray is 1/100th of a gray. So, one rad
equals one centigray (cGy). 1/1000 of a gray is called a milligray (mGy). ...



... 居里(cGy)(centigray):放射線劑量單位,舊制單位為雷得。 ... R 雷得(rad):即「輻射
吸收劑量」,人體組織吸收輻射量的單位。雷得現已被居里 (cGy)取代。 ...


Cancer Glossary

... vagina. See also uterus, vagina. cGy Search. centigray; a unit for measuring
radiation transfer. See Gray under radiation dose. ...


External beam radiation

... called Gray (Gy). Often the dose is expressed in centigray (cGy), which
is one-hundredth of a Gray. For external radiation ...


Understanding Radiation Therapy: A Guide for Patients and ...

... Page 32. Centigray (cGy) (sent-uh-gray): the preferred measurement of the
amount of radiation dose absorbed by the body (1 cGy = 1 rad) ...


Radiation Therapy Principles

... called Gray (Gy). Often the dose is expressed in centigray (cGy), which
is one-hundredth of a Gray. Page 9. For external ...


Principios de radioterapia

... llamadas Gray (Gy). Con frecuencia la dosis se expresa en centigrays
(cGy), que es una centésima de un Gray. En el caso ...


Radioterapia: una guía para pacientes y sus familias

... Centigray (cGy): medida preferida para referirse a la cantidad de la dosis
de radiación absorbida por el cuerpo (1cGy=1 rad). ...