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Vaccine in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

... have been some recent reports that cancer vaccines have been ... lymph nodes
were treated with a vaccine made from their own cancer cells. ...


Can cervical cancer be prevented without a vaccine?

... Carcinogens » Infectious Agents » HPV » Human Papilloma Virus and HPV
Vaccines FAQ » Can cervical cancer be prevented without a vaccine? ...


Cancer vaccines

... Some cancer treatment vaccines are made up of ... Once the vaccine is ready,
it's injected into the ... increase the immune response against cancer cells ...


Vaccine treatment for prostate cancer

... Unlike traditional vaccines, which boost the body's immune ... to prevent infectious
diseases, this vaccine boosts the ... it to attack prostate cancer cells in ...


Expert Voices blog: Cancer Vaccines -- Fulfilling the Promise

... Studying the use of this vaccine gives us important information on what
steps to take to make cancer vaccines more effective. ...


Vaccine treatment for prostate cancer

... Most vaccines are designed to prevent diseases, but this vaccine is
aimed at treating prostate cancer, not preventing it. ...


President's Cancer Panel: Efforts Needed to Increase HPV ...

... and better ways to communicate about HPV vaccines. ... Citation: Accelerating
HPV Vaccine Uptake: Urgency for Action to Prevent Cancer. ...


Kidney Cancer Vaccine: Much Hype, Little Hope

... been made on the early promises of vaccines, to be ... didn't result in an effective
cancer treatment ... will continue reporting on early vaccine studies that ...


The HPV vaccine: 3 shots of prevention

... HPV) vaccine, which can help prevent cervical cancer. ... yet this is precisely when
the vaccine will be ... about safety; the HPV vaccines are extremely ...


Cervical Cancer Vaccines: What Is The Real Story?

... these girls vaccinated is to mandate the vaccine. ... high uptake of HPV vaccines
also have ... and economic disparities in cervical cancer incidence and ...