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[cath-it-ur] a thin, flexible tube through which fluids enter or leave the body; for example, a tube to drain urine is called a Foley catheter.

Central Venous Catheters

... Some central venous catheters are soft tubes that stick out of the skin and
require no needles. A peripherally inserted central catheter or PICC ...


Chemotherapy Principles

... Potential problems with central venous catheters or vascular access
devices that may happen when the catheter is put in: ...


Radiographic studies (regular x-rays and contrast studies)

... The contrast material may be given by mouth, as an enema, as an injection
(put in a vein), or through a catheter (thin tube) put into various tissues ...


What's it like to donate stem cells?

... completed. Blood is removed through a catheter (a thin, flexible plastic
tube) that is put in a large vein in the arm or chest. ...


Chemotherapy for osteosarcoma

... Before starting chemo, the doctor might advise putting a catheter
(a thin, soft tube) into a large vein in the chest. This is ...


Palliative therapy for gallbladder cancer

... Biliary stent or biliary catheter. ... The bag can be emptied when needed. If you
have a catheter, your doctor or nurse will teach you how to care for it. ...


Palliative therapy for bile duct cancer

... Biliary stent or biliary catheter. If cancer is blocking the bile duct, the doctor
may insert a small tube (called a stent or catheter ...


Chemotherapy for Ewing tumors

... Soon after the Ewing tumor is diagnosed (but before starting chemo), the doctor
may suggest putting a catheter (a thin, soft tube) into a large vein in ...