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chemical castration

[KEM-ih-kul cast-ray-shun] the use of hormone therapy drugs to achieve very low levels of testosterone without surgical removal of the testicles. See also androgen deprivation therapy, castration, testicles.

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... while surgical castration decreased. But in 2003, the trend reversed, and LHRH
treatments waned while surgical castrations increased. ...


Hormone (androgen deprivation) therapy for prostate cancer

... Orchiectomy (surgical castration). ... Treatment with these drugs is sometimes
called chemical castration because they lower androgen levels just as ...


Cancer Glossary

... chemical castration Search [KEM-ih-kul cast-ray-shun ... levels of testosterone
without surgical removal of ... of disease using drugs, chemicals, or other ...


Cancer Glossary

... See also anti-androgens, chemical castration, hormone therapy ... with the body's
chemical processes, such as ... DNA) and other chemicals needed for ...


Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures 2012-2013

... This approach, called medical castration, uses drugs such as goserelin ... Another
approach, called surgical cas- tration or orchiectomy, involves an ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer in men | American Cancer ...

... Orchiectomy (castration). Surgical removal of the testicles greatly lowers the
levels of testosterone and other androgens (male hormones). ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2010

... therapy (ADT), or hormone therapy, alters the effects of male hormones on
the prostate through medical or surgical castration (elimination of ...


Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures: 2014-2015

... Surgical treatment for breast cancer usually involves breast- conserving surgery
(BCS) (ie, lumpectomy/partial mastectomy) or mastectomy (surgical ...


Breast Cancer in Men

... DNA is the chemical in each of our cells ... so far studies have not identified any
chemicals that are ... Surgical removal of the testicles greatly lowers the ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2010

... cells, or external factors, such as tobacco, chemicals, and sunlight. ... as patient
preference, treatment may involve lumpectomy (surgical removal of ...