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[key-mo-THER-uh-pee] treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is often used, either alone or with surgery and/or radiation, to treat cancer that has spread or come back (recurred), or when there is a strong chance that it could come back. Often called chemo.


... Chemotherapy. ... This easy-to-read guide explains chemotherapy at a basic
level. Understanding Chemotherapy: A Guide for Patients and Families. ...


Understanding Chemotherapy: A Guide for Patients and ...

... My Saved Articles » My ACS ». Understanding Chemotherapy: A Guide for
Patients and Families. Download Printable Version [PDF]». ...


Chemotherapy for breast cancer

Chemotherapy (chemo) is a breast cancer treatment with cancer-killing
drugs that may be injected into a vein or given by mouth. ...


Chemotherapy Effects

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medicines that can cause side effects.
Some of ... Chemotherapy Effects. Chemotherapy drugs ...


Chemotherapy Principles: An In-depth Discussion of the ...

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What is chemotherapy?

Although the word chemotherapy can mean the use of any drug (such as aspirin
or penicillin) to treat any disease, to most people chemotherapy ...


Evolution of cancer treatments: Chemotherapy

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treatments: Chemotherapy. ... The era of chemotherapy had begun. ...


Chemotherapy for colorectal cancer

Chemotherapy (chemo) is a treatment of cancer-killing drugs used to kill
colorectal cancer cells. Learn more about chemotherapy here. ...