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core needle biopsy

a procedure used to get tissue samples to look for cancer or other diseases. The needle removes a small cylinder of tissue, about 1/16 inch across. A doctor called a pathologist then looks at these samples under a microscope. See also biopsy, biopsy gun, pathologist.

How is prostate cancer diagnosed?

... The device inserts and removes the needle in a ... The number of biopsy core
samples that contain cancer ... of cancer in each of the cores; Whether the ...


Types of biopsy procedures

... A core needle biopsy (CNB) is much like an FNAB. A slightly larger, hollow
needle is used to withdraw small cylinders (or cores) of tissue from the ...


Overview of biopsy types

... Core biopsy uses needles that are ... The core needle biopsy is done using local
anesthesia (drugs used to make the area numb) in the doctor's ...


Cancer Glossary

... A core needle biopsy uses a thicker needle to remove a core of tissue
from a tumor. See also biopsy, core needle biopsy ...


How is breast cancer diagnosed? | American Cancer Society

... The needle used in core biopsies is larger than the one ... It removes a small
cylinder (core) of tissue (about 1/16- to 1 ... Several cores are often removed ...


How is breast cancer in men diagnosed?

... Core needle biopsy: For a core biopsy, the doctor removes a small cylinder
of tissue from a breast abnormality to be looked at under a microscope. ...


How is bone cancer diagnosed?

... In a core needle biopsy, the doctor uses a larger needle to remove a small
cylinder of tissue (about 1/16 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch long). ...


How is Hodgkin disease diagnosed?

... Fine needle aspiration (FNA) or core needle biopsy: In an FNA biopsy, the
doctor uses a very thin, hollow needle attached to a syringe to withdraw ...


For Women Facing a Breast Biopsy

... A core needle biopsy (CNB) is much like an FNAB. A slightly larger, hollow
needle is used to withdraw small cylinders (or cores) of tissue from the ...


How is breast cancer found?

... It is used to remove one or more pieces (cores) of tissue. Because more tissue
is removed, a core needle biopsy is more likely than an FNA to ...