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[cry-o-SUR-juh-ree] see cryoablation.

Cryosurgery for prostate cancer

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Cryosurgery for prostate cancer. ... Possible side effects of cryosurgery. ...


Cryosurgery for prostate cancer

... Learn About Cancer » Prostate Cancer » Overview Guide » Cryosurgery for
prostate cancer. Share this Page. Close. ... Cryosurgery for prostate cancer ...


Treating pre-cancers and other abnormal Pap test results

... Other options include destroying the abnormal cells with cryosurgery or laser
surgery (These were discussed in the surgery section. ...


Special surgery techniques to treat cancer

... Treatment. Cryosurgery. Cryosurgery uses a liquid nitrogen spray
or a very cold probe to freeze and kill abnormal cells. ...


Surgery for cervical cancers and pre-cancers

... Surgery for cervical cancers and pre-cancers. Cryosurgery. ... After cryosurgery,
you may have a lot of watery brown discharge for a few weeks. ...


Surgery for bone cancer

... excision. Cancers in these bones may require a combination of
treatments such as curettage, cryosurgery, and radiation. ...


Treating basal cell carcinoma

... Cryosurgery. ... Cryosurgery can also be used to treat large tumors in one
treatment session to relieve symptoms from the cancer. ...


Local therapy for Kaposi sarcoma

... Cryosurgery (cryotherapy). Cryosurgery can be useful for small KS lesions
on the face, although it is not as helpful for large or deeper lesions. ...