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[SIS-tuh-skop] a thin, flexible tube with a lens and a light on the end. It is put into the bladder through the urethra, allowing the doctor to see the insides of these organs. See also bladder, cystoscopy, urethra.

Surgery for bladder cancer

... numbed). For this operation, a type of rigid cystoscope called a
resectoscope is placed into the bladder through the urethra. ...


How is bladder cancer diagnosed?

... For this exam, a urologist places a cystoscope – a slender tube with a light
and a lens or a small video camera on the end – through the opening of ...


How is bladder cancer found?

... A cystoscope is a thin tube with a light and a lens or tiny video camera on the
end. ... With the cystoscope the doctor can see the inside of the bladder. ...


Cancer Glossary

... cystoscope Search [SIS-tuh-skop]. a thin, flexible tube with a lens and a
light on the end. ... See also bladder, cystoscope, urethra. ...


Global Cancer Facts & Figures - 2nd Edition

Page 1. Estimated Number of New Cancer Cases by World Area, 2008*
*Region estimates do not sum to the worldwide ...


What's new in bladder cancer research?

... It collects in cancer cells over a few days. Then a special type of laser light
is focused on the bladder lining through a cystoscope. ...


Surgery for bladder cancer

... remaining cancer. These could include burning the base of the tumor
through a cystoscope or treating it with a laser. The ...


Cancer Facts & Figures - 2013

Page 1. Cancer Facts & Figures 2013 AL 27,080 AZ 34,010 AR 16,330 CA
171,330 CO 23,410 CT 21,180 DE 5,370 FL 118,320 GA 49,280 ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2005

Page 1. AL 24,320 AZ 23,880 AR 14,950 CA 135,030 CO 16,080 CT 16,920
DE 3,800 FL 96,200 GA 35,650 ID 5,490 IL 59,730 IN 31,900 IA 15,910 ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2006

Page 1. AL 24,390 AZ 25,450 AR 15,220 CA 138,680 CO 16,850 CT 17,320
DE 4,190 FL 98,960 GA 36,650 ID 5,900 IL 60,220 IN 32,710 IA 16,310 ...